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Appending document to form filled document removes form settings

Hello,I am using aspose pdf kit for java and am having some issues to keeping setting of fields.Here I perform an image insert and test insert to fields to a document Online.pdf.I then perform a appending of a sample document example1.pdf now what I get is all modifications done are all removed and the append works correctly.

I am saving a new document on each insert,so I have a complete document to append.

In order my job is to

Insert image

Insert Text to form fields

Append document to end

Insert document to start

Add Water mark

Flatten all fields

I have a problem when I Append.Here I have the before append and then the after append to show.

Thanking You


Please I have update my code to exact purpose

fillImage(); > 1 filledimage.pdf ; Working

insertText(); > 2 insertText.pdf ; Working

//Perfect adds all image and text

appendOnePDFToSinglePdf(); > 3 appendOnePDFToSinglePdf.pdf ; Working

removes fomattiing

insertPagesInPDFToFile(); > 4 insertPagesInPDFToFile.pdf ; Working

fillWatermark(); > 5 fillWatermark.pdf ; Not Working

flattenAllFields();> 6 flattenAllFieldsFinal.pdf ; Working

How do I keep formatting,in my modified document 2 insertText.pdf when appending new doc?

Thanking you


Hello Andrew,

We are looking into the details of this problem and soon you will be updated with the status of correction. Your patience in this regard is highly appreciated.

Hi Andrew,

The issue has been resolved, please download and try the beta version following this link: <A href="https://forum.aspose.com/t/123636</A> (download the attachment on my latest reply).</P> <P>Thanks,</P>