Appending documents/sections problem


Hi Roman,

I was testing the merge feature along with section cloning/appending and noticed
that the Save method throws an exception (Object reference not set to an instance of an object) when invoked without a prior mail merge operation.

These are the steps to recreate the problem:

Open document one, open document two, append sections of the second document
to the first, and then try saving the first document.



Hi Abdim,

This is most likely document specific as we have tests that show this works on other documents.

Check if the document that you copy sections from has any drawing objects (textboxes, pictures etc) - copying sections with drawing objects between documents is not yet supported because at the moment drawing objects are part of the document, not section. I know it is annoying that it throws exception without detailed message, but I think this is the case.

We are working on this issue, but in the meantime just remove the drawing objects from the section you copy.

To be sure please email both of the documents to


Yes, you’re right , at least one document contains an image. I gather from your post that you are planning to support this feature - correct?



That’s right, it will be possible to copy sections with images too.