Application Hangs when Cloning Slide

I have a relatively simple app that takes several 1 slide PPT files and combines them into a master. I have it running on a Ubuntu 7 machine without issue. I compile it and upload it to a CentOS i686 machine and things go a little wonky.

On the local machine everything runs perfectly. On the remote CentOS machine I can start the app, load the first slide and then the program hangs on cloning and doesn't appear to throw an exception.

The remote machine is running an older version of Java 1.5 (vs 1.6 on the local machine), but I'm compiling with -target 1.5

Also, when I perform other simple opperations, like create a new presentation, addDoubleBodySlide(), etc, and output, everything works fine on both machines. It appears to be just the cloning operation that isn't agreeing with it.

When I run the program from the command line its:

java Consolidate /path/to/single/slide/ppt/files/

and the output I get on the remote machine is:

> Master File does not exist
> Acessing: slide2.ppt
> Loaded
> _

and the cursor just hangs. I've let it sit for 20 minutes with no luck. Any help at all would be much appreciated. I'm new to Java and am working with someone else's code, but I've been programming for a good long while, so I'm hoping I'm just overlooking an obvious Java-Gotcha.


Your code is ok. Is the problem occurring with the every presentation you use or only with one or few of them?


Thanks for the quick reply. It would appear that your suggestion was correct. It's only happening with some presentations. But I can't seem to narrow down what it is. It's not only happening with single slide presentations, nor presentations with or without images.

I've attached two presentations. One is a single slide title screen (slide1.ppt) that is failing and the other is a multislide presentation I downloaded randomly off the net (sakai_europe.ppt) which works.

Any additional pointers in the right direction would be very helpful.


Thanks for your help earlier. It appears that the problem I had was a bit of a noob gotcha. The version of aspose.slides.jar on the dev machine was different than the one of the server. Correcting that seems that make everything else work properly.

Thanks for updating us.