Application migration

We have an application for building document templates in word. In this application (in designers use a word commandbar (named “Diseño de Plantillas”) where they choose a field from a group of fields then push a buttom (“Añadir campo”) and a text it’s inserted:
See attached file.
In the other side we have other applications (in allways) that generates documents from this templates. The generator assemblies know how search in the database and make the merge.
Applications use office automatization. We want to change it.
We are evaluating aspose. We like it but we have a problem and we want to look for a workaround.
The problem is: How can we continue with the same user behavior? When the user makes a new template, application:
1º Copy a blank template with macros. These macros are used to give logic to the commandbar
2º Adds the commandbar
3º Search for a group of fields to the database based in a criteria
4º Fills the commandsbar with these fields
5º Opens a new internet explorer with this template (word appears)
We dont’t know how to fill the commandbar. We think in adding some information to the new template and when word opens fire some macro to “hidratate” the commandbar.
Any suggestion?
Thanks in advance.

Thanks for your interest in Aspose.Words. It is not quite clear for me what you would like to do. Please provide me more information (maybe sample documents if needed).
As I understood you need to fill some template with data from database and then send the generated document to client. If so then I think you can use Mail Merge. Please see the following link.
Also you can send a document to client browser. See the following link.
Best regards.

We have a aspose licence. We are using aspose.word for converting to .pdf.
Now we want to use it for this “templates design, generator” application.
We know the mail merge feature of aspose. We like it and we want to use it (with regions and so on)
But there are some users who designs templates. If you see the previous picture you can see that we add some controls (a controlbar) to make life easier to the users.
How can we fill the controlbar from aspose? The controlbar. The one in the middle who says “Diseño de plantillas”. Can you give us a workaround?
Thank you
Javier Peña

Here you have an example

Thanks for additional information. Unfortunately I don’t know how to work with “controlbar”. But I think that you can try using another Aspose component (Aspose.Editor) for creating templates. For more information see the following link.
Best regards.