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Apply different material / texture to different sides of a mesh

I have a mesh which has been loaded from an external resource, and I need to be able to apply 2 different materials / textures to 2 different “surfaces” on the mesh. So picture a cube mesh, where the 2 triangles representing one face of the cube displays picture A, and another face displays picture B.

The textures are determined at runtime so trying to do a wrapped texture is not an option.

I have all the code working to be able to calculate the UV’s for any given vertex on the face; the piece I can’t seem to figure out is how to set up the vertex elements with your (somewhat confusing / inscrutable) MappingMode and ReferenceMode paradigms.

Is there any chance you have any, or could write, some example code showing how to build a simple cube, and apply 2 different materials / textures to 2 different faces on the cube? It would be INCREDIBLY helpful. All my outputs are in GLB, if that makes a difference.


Thanks for contacting support.

We are looking into your inquiry and checking related information at our side. We will get back to you shortly with our feedback.


Please find attached sample code for building a simple cube with different materials on different faces and save to (1.6 KB)