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Apply license ASPOSE.Total

Hello Team,

We have purchased ASPOSE.TOTAL license with Up To 10 Developers And Up To 10 Deployment Locations. We want to know-

Is it s server based license or Application based or User account level?
What is the meaning of “This is not a redistributable license” ?

To apply the word license I have found
Aspose.Words.License lic = new License();
lic.SetLicense(path + “Aspose.Words.NET.lic”);

Is there any way to use Aspose.Total license globally? So that we need to include the code while using library in every method.


Please note, according to our license mechanism, licensing code for specific APIs should be processed at first and before using any other Aspose .NET APIs in your program and it should be processed at least once in whole application life cycle.

You may place the licensing code where it should be processed first and only once in your application life cycle. For example (in a .NET application), if your application is server based (e.g. a corporate web site or web service where clients would be accessing it via some browser types etc.) you may place the licensing code (instantiate License object(s) for each API and set license accordingly, etc.) on some events like Application_Start or any other section, etc., because licensing code is only required to be processed once in the whole application life cycle. It is optional and is not recommended to process the licensing code multiple times for no reason.

Please post your queries regarding your license (you purchased) and its type in Aspose.Purchase section and one of our sales staff member will assist you soon there.

Hello Amjad,

We are using multiple APIs of Aspose.Total like word, cell, imaging, email etc. So Is there a way to register ASPOSE.TOTAL at once?

for HTML

Aspose.Html.License lic = new Aspose.Html.License();

for Word

Aspose.Word.License lic = new Aspose.Word.License();

Like this I have to register for all APIs?

I am looking for something

Aspose.Total.License lic = new Aspose.Total.License();

So that all the library register at once, I need not to register individual.


I am afraid you have to set license for each Aspose for .NET API individually. You are already doing ok to individually specify and set license for your desired APIs in Aspose.Total for .NET.