Apsose PDF Hardware Sizing


We are planning to deploy Aspose pdf for java and we are urgently need understand how we can do hardware sizing for this. Is there any benchmark or anything that we can use for reference?

Word document with 2 pages
Excel Document 1 sheet with 2 pages
Concurrent run 10 words document and
Processing time 10 seconds
Required 2 cpu core 4 GB memory

Word document with 10 pages
Excel document with 5 sheet 2 pages
Processing time 10 seconds
4 cpu core 8 GB memory


Hi Dedi,

Thanks for contacting support.

Please visit the following link for required information on System Requirements


The section “System Requirements” does not seem to give hardware sizing recommendation.

Do you have such information somewhere ? Or do you have benchmark examples ?

We have a business case consisting in converting about 11 millions document from PCL to PDF/A format.

Each document has a size of about 60K (3 pages). Time to convert one document must be less than 1 sec.

We plan to work with WebSphere AS 8.5 on Unix AIX or Linux RHEL infrastructure.

What would be the recommended configuration (CPU, memory, number of servers, …) to respect the required response time ?

Thank you in advance.
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Hi Eric,

Thanks for sharing the details.

Aspose.Pdf for Java can be used on system with minimum hardware requirement as JDK. The minimum system requirement are Windows XP/Linux 4.6/MAC OSX with JDK 1.4 and 1GB of RAM. However the time required to perform the conversion depends upon the structure and contents present inside source PCL file. Before purchasing the API, you may consider requesting a 30 days temporary license. For further details, please visit