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Arabic Documents with true type fonts


I used Aspose.Word evalution to open Arabic word documents and it works just fine.
However some true type fonts are replaced with Arial and alignment is also differ from the original document. Is there any fix for this problem?


Can you please send the original document that gets output incorrectly to

Hi ashraf,

I’ve released Aspose.Word 1.6.4 with better support for Arabic, but I haven’t resolved all of the issues yet.

1. Font names are no longer reset.
2. Right-to-left properties of paragraphs and character runs are now handled properly. The text used to appear wrong way around before.

One issue I’m struggling with is when a paragraph contains a merge field (or any field), the chunks in the paragraph (text runs) will appear in wrong order in Word. This proves difficult to resolve as right-to-left is not documented. I cannot guarantee I can resolve this one soon.

I can suggest you try using bookmarks instead of mail merge fields and use DocumentBuilder to navigate to a bookmark and insert text there. Let me know if that is a suitable solution.