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ARM support for Aspose Products

Hi Aspose Team,
Is there official support for ARM architecture (M1 silicon chip) or is it planned to be introduced in the future? We are currently using Aspose.Barcode, Aspose.Tasks, Aspose.Words and Aspose.Cells. We want to start working on the new Apple Macbooks, so the support for those processors is crucial.

Thanks for your help!


Are you using Java versions of your mentioned APIs (i.e., Aspose.Barcode, Aspose.Tasks, Aspose.Words and Aspose.Cells), .NET APIs, C++ or other APIs?

We are using Java versions.


Please note, generally, Aspose for Java APIs are just plain Java components which do not depend upon special features relevant to specific architectures. In sort, if JDK can work correctly on a platform/architecture (such as, ARM architecture (M1 silicon chip)), then you should have no problem to use Aspose for Java components.

In case, you still have some doubts or you find any issue working with any Aspose for Java API on ARM architecture, let us know with details, we will check it soon.

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