Ask if the


As mentioned in the website, the files will be stored on the Aspose server for 24 hours.

After this time, they will be automatically deleted.

Iwant to make sure on Jan 12. 2023, 02:21:57 pm Is the merged file confirmed deleted?

Please write back to me again, thank you


Could you please share which file you are talking about, have you shared it via some thread? Which Aspose API (on premise APIs/cloud SDKs) you are using or you are using Aspose (free) apps, please elaborate with reference link? We will assist you soon.

There are merged files on this website 在線合併word、JPG、PDF、PPT 文件. I want to confirm whether the files have been completely deleted


Yes, your files have been removed. As per the policy, All file processing is done by machine; there is no human interaction with your files unless they are submitted by you to our support team in the support forum. Your files are automatically irreversibly deleted from our servers within 24 hours.

Should you have further queries or comments, feel free to write us back.

There is no way to retrieve them back. I have important data and I was unaware of 24 hrs policy. I am ready to pay for the service.

Hi Amjad,

I forget to retrieve the files uploaded. Is there any possibility to retrieve them back after 24 hours, through any paid service?



As we mentioned, all file processing for the merger app was done on the server, and there was no human interaction with the files unless you submitted them to us directly through the support forums. Your files were automatically and irreversibly deleted from our servers after 24 hours. Additionally, since the file(s) you are referring to were uploaded on Jan 12, 2023, at 02:21:57 pm (as you mentioned), it is unlikely that the server could retain them for a long time. Nonetheless, we will further investigate if we have any backups and if the files can be retrieved. However, please consider that the chances of retrieval are minimal.


We are sorry, but we don’t have your uploaded files. There is no backup whatsoever. Also, as per the policy (as we already told you), we do not store client files for security reasons, as their data is confidential and should not be maintained or stored on our servers.