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Asking abount conversion


I have a question. Am I allowed to convert my file back to any CAD format after it was converted to pdf or image? For example, I want to convert my dwg file to pdf, delete all annotations from it and then convert it back to dwg or any other CAD format. Is it possible using Aspose.CAD library?



I regret to share that API does not allow reverse conversion using PDF and getting DWG back from it. If you are asking about processing the DWG fie on the fly and making changes in that and finally saving that as PDF. In this case the original DWG will stand and it will have no affect unless you save that DWG as DWG with same name to replace older one.

Thank you for your reply. Do you know if there is a plan to add reverse conversion feature in future releases?


I am afraid this is not in scope of API to convert PDF to DWG.