Asp implementation problems



been trying to implement both Aspose.Word and Aspose.Excel into .asp pages but have had not luck in getting either of them to work.

Hav looked at your asp examples and used them but always get:

Microsoft VBScript runtime error ‘800a01ad’
ActiveX component can’t create object: ‘Aspose.Word.Word’

Any reasons why - hav installed your latest version etc…



Must be a COM registration problem.

If you run the product installer, it should register it for COM okay. If you copy a hotfix dll over it, it needs manual registration.

In either case, try manual registration for COM as described here

Let me know if this does not help.


cheers for a quick reply

have now fixed it and its working fine - had a doggy install of .net framework which screwed up the installtion of aspose.word…