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We are looking for an Excel Refreshable Report, which can read the Data from DB on fly as the user requests make a data request from the Excel file. Right now we are pushing Macros (which have DB connection strings) on the server side using Microsoft Interop for this purpose. Also, we have another requirement for Importing the Data from Standard Excel (non refreshable) Spreasheets. Can Aspose help in these two scenarios?

Manik Mittal

Hi Manik,

Thanks for your inquiry.

Your request seems suited to our Aspose.Cells component so I have moved your request to their support forum. Please expect a reply from our helpful support developers shortly.



Well, I am afraid, we do not support creating, manipulating or executing macros in the Excel template files, we only support to preserve macros/vba codes in the template file and re-save the file with it. Aspose.Cells for .NET is pure .NET library that does not provide any interface/UI, it works behind the scene and manage Excel operations or Excel spreadsheets etc.

Aspose.Cells only provides standard options/APIs importing and exporting data from / to Excel files, for example, you may import data from different data sources, e.g DataTable, Arrays, Lists etc. Similarly you may export data from Excel sheets to fill a DataTable, Array etc. See the complete reference on what importing and exporting options Aspose.Cells provides for the users for your reference:

Thank you.