: Embed Video dynamically in the Powerpoint file

I am using aspose.slides with 2.0 C# in one of our web applications. Is there a way to dynamically (on the fly) create a powerpoint slide and embed a video file into it. The video file is on the web server.

Dear readytohelp,

Thanks for considering Aspose.Slides.

You can create a new ppt and add a video using Slide.Shapes.AddVideoFrame() method. Please see this link.

FYI: MS-PowerPoint does not embed any movie inside the presentation, it only links it, so actually, you will have to send a movie file along with your presentation.

Hi Shakeel Faiz,

Thanks.. I managed to do with ur above reference code. I need to download the PPT with video file. Does aspose provide something for downloading PPT and related videos to that PPT simultaneously.

No, you will have to ask user to download the video file or you can zip your video file and output ppt and send it in a response stream.