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ASP.NET page refresh problem once aspose.excel sheet is generated

I have been working with Aspose.Excel for last couple of months. I very frequently come across a problem with no luck to find a solution. That is when Aspose.Excel report is shown (without browser) it doesn't refresh the page. Suppose if a Label message is shown for a wrong selection, should disappear once Aspose.Excel report is generated after a correct selection (code is written as such), which happens all other occasions except in the case of Aspose.Excel report generation. Looks some kind of Postback problem to me. Any solution?


I think you can embed some Javascript code in your aspx page. When a correct selection is selected, it can remove those error message at client browser.

I have the same problem :

I am writing an application where the end-user can download the results in Excel-format. First he has the possibility to select the items that he wants in his excel-file. For this I have to use a pop-up (requirements state pop-up). Then the excel-file gets generated and sent back to the client (opens in excel). After this action I must close the pop-up. For this I use the RegisterStartupScript function. The script doesn't get executed because the form isn't refreshed. If I don't call the Save method of the Excel object then the pop-up closes.

What can I do about this?

When user click buttons to get Excel fils, you can start a new browser window to send the file to client. Or you can save the Excel file in a MemoryStream and use your own code to send it to browser. The last approach is saving the file on server and provide a link for your user.

Was this ever resolved? I have a similar issue where I need to hide an image but the code to save the excel workbook is causing the image not to be hidden because the page does not refresh. If I remove the ASPose code to save the workbook, the image is hidden as intended.


I am not sure about your issue completely. But I think you should not put any code after Workbook.Save() method. The Workbook.Save() method which responses the final Excel file to the client, so, I think. You may put these type of codes at your last line of code in the program segment, there should be no processing after this. You may also confirm the issue by simply using Response object (with System.IO APIs) to export an Excel file to the client without using Aspose.Cells API.

Thank you.