ASP.Net VB example


Is there a VB version of the Web Forms example?

I’m trying to use your recurrence tool in an ASP.Net (VB) application. I don’t have Visual Studio, I’m using DreamWeaverMX 2004.

How do I pull all these different classes and utilities together to reproduce your C# WebForms example? It is very confusing, and it appears that one would have to load all the files into Visual Studio and compile them for all this to work together. I was hoping for a “drop-in” component, but this doesn’t quite look like that.



There are three demo applications included with the component:
Simple, WinForms and WebForms. All three are available in C# but only Simple and Winforms are available in VB at the moment, but I can take your request and produce WebForms in VB as well.

I’m not sure about DreamWaver, does it have capability to import Visual Studio project files?

Aspose.Recurrence.dll is easy to use, just check out Apose.Recurrence.Demos.Simple project.

WinForms and WebForms are a little more complicated because they’ve been built as a research project to share as much code as possible between Windows and Web application doing the same thing as well as using best practices of MVC (model-view-controller) pattern.

Building WinForms in Visual Studio is simple. You just need to open the solution file that contains several projects and build the solution.

Aspose.Recurrence.Demos.Common.dll is built first - it contains Controller and Model packages as well as WebUI and WinUI utility user interface functions.

Aspose.Recurrence.WinForms and WebForms are built next. These are the actual executables and they both depend on Aspose.Recurrence.Demos.Common.dll as well as Aspose.Recurrence.dll.
The applications are quite simple because all important code is the common library. Application code is only forms (Views) that pump data in and out of the Model.


Thanks, I would appreciate seeing how it all comes together using ASP.Net VB.

Dreamweaver cannot import Visual Studio projects as far as I know, and purchasing VS is not an option for me right now. Is it a requirement that I have to have Visual Studio in order to reproduce the WebForms demo?


Ok, we will translate WebForms demo into VB by the end of this week.

I don’t think having Visual Studio is an absolute requirement to compile our demos. As I outlined above you just need to compile those projects (if dreamwaver does not have concept of solution, compile them one by one).

If dreamwaver cannot import Visual Studio project files, you need to create your own projects and include all source files into them. I’m sure it must support some form of a project - you cannot expect to put all source code into one file in a modern program.

Unfortunately we do not have experience with dreamwaver and not likely to be able to help much. I recommend you check out how to compile visual studio projects in dreamwaver in some other internet resources.



Aspose.Recurrence.Demos.VB.WebForms demo is now available in Visual Basic.

Check out