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Aspose and MS Access OLE object manipulation

I know that Your products, Aspose.Cells and Aspose.Words, have the capability to manage OLE objects in MS Word and MS Excel.
MS Access has an OLE Object Data Type field.
Does Your product provide the capability to manage MS Access OLE Objects (read, update, create new)?
If not, are You planning to develop such a feature?


Best regards.
Sasa Popov


Do you need to manipulate (add/update) MS Access file(s) embedded/inserted as OLE Object in MS MS Excel and Word documents or you need to embed/manipulate different ole objects in MS Access file itself? We need more clarifications. Also, could you provide some sample files to elaborate your requirements, we can check it soon.

PS. please zip the files prior attaching here.

Hello Amjad.
Thanks for Your reply.
I need to embed different linked OLE objects in the MS Access table.
MS Access table has a field of type ‘OLE Object’.
My company needs the functionality to create and insert new linked OLE Objects and to update existing ones. To clarify, I need to read the existing OLE Objects from the table and change its link and update it back to the MS Access table.

I am sending You
It contains one MS Access database with one table.
The table has the column [Gross Pay].
As You will see this column contains linked OLE Objects, (to two types of Excel file and PowerPoint file.
Those files are also included in the

So, to summarize, we need functionality to create a new OLE object, as in column [Gross Pay], and to update existing ones, namely to change their links, in case the user copies the files in a different location.

I almost forgot to tell You, we are using MS Visual Studio and C#.

Best regards.
Sasa Popov (291.2 KB)


Thanks for sample files.

As you need MS Access manipulation API basically, I am afraid, we have no plan to create Aspose.Access API or something like it. Anyways, once this API is on the cards, we’ll announce it via our blogs and social media.

Thanks for your time.

Thank You for Your time.
Best regards.