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Aspose Bar Code Jar file


We are planning to purchase aspose bar code jar file. In the purchase page, we are not getting any option to select the jar version.

1) Do we get the license for Aspose.BarCode for Java 4.4.0 ?
2) Does it have support for the old version generated bar codes ? We are especially looking support for PDF417 & Code128 type bar codes ?
3) Do we need to make any code changes when we use this latest version jar file ? If so, can u tell us what changes need to be done ?
4) I am not able to login with my old account to aspose ? My login id is “tgopisrinivas”. Not sure why I am not able to login with the password sent to me when I tried with Forgot password ?

Thanks for your support,

Gopi Srinivas.

Hi Gopi,

Thank you for your interest in Aspose products.

Please find below the answers to your questions,
  1. Yes, you can purchase Aspose.BarCode for Java. You need to select the platform as “Java Platform” and product as “Aspose.BarCode for Java”.
  2. The new version has the backward compatibility hence it can recognize the barcodes generated with previous versions.
  3. There will be minor changes if you are using very old version of Aspose.BarCode for Java. Please share the Aspose.BarCode for Java version that you are currently using.
To get the password for your account, please try Recover your existing account link. If you have already purchased a license then you can also post in Aspose.Purchase forum.


I couldn't get the exact version of the jar file. But probably we are using 2.2 version as in the license file it was written as 2.2.

We are using the piece of the below code to generate PDF417 bar code. If we are using 4.4 version, the images are bit different. What should be the changes done in this to make it similar in both the versions?

BarCodeBuilder barCode = new BarCodeBuilder();



barCode.setCodeText(BarCodeHL7.toString().replaceAll("NULL", ""));







barCode.setMargins(new Margins(1,1,0,0));



Hi Gopi,

Thank you for providing us your sample code.

If you have used the latest version of Aspose.BarCode for Java then you probably have figured out that there are minor changes in some of the method names and enumerations. So, little effort will be required to upgrade your existing source code.

Regarding the barcode image, we have also enhanced the barcode generation process by improving the image quality. If you can share a sample barcode generated with previous version, we could guide you how to generate a similar image with latest Jar. Please also share the CodeText for your barcode when you share it with us.