Aspose BarCode for .Net can't work on linux


Yesterday,I saw Aspose.BarCode has support .Net Standard 2.0 ,so I download Aspose.BarCode nuget package, it can work on windows,but when I use it on linux ,it failed with “Unable to load shared library ‘libSkiaSharp’ or one of its dependencies.”.
So,I want to know if Aspose.BarCode for .Net will work on linux, if will ,when can I get it?


Thank you for contacting Aspose Support. We have logged an investigation in our issue tracking system as BARCODENET-37030 to investigate this further. We will update you as soon as additional information is available.


It looks like Linux binary is not shipped with SkiaSharp.
But you can get it on SkiaSharp’s release page at this link
If you download NuGet package then it should be the latest version. Please put the downloaded SkiaSharp library in the same folder where loader can find it and it should work.


Thank you,I put the .so file in my project running directory,It can work now.