Aspose.Barcode .Net 4.8 variants



We currently use Aspose.BarCode.dll v19.4.0.0 .Net 4.0 in our C++ application software. And I know this dll also comes in many variants - net3.5, net4.0, net4.5, etc. Recently, some of our clients have queried regarding using .Net 4.8 instead. So, when are you planning to come out with dll variants of .Net 4.8?



Thanks for your query.

Well, we provide Aspose.BarCode.dll for .NET framework 4.0/4.5 in the release archive which can be used on .NET framework 4.7.x and 4.8.x, there should be no issue. So, you may try it. May be after some time we could think about providing a separate Dll for .NET 4.8.x.