Aspose.CAD Error code 500

1.What is the maximum size of dwg format files that can be supported?
2.What does an error code of 500 mean?


Could you please share the details how we can reproduce the issue? What product do you use and which version? Can you share the screenshot with the error, or some code example we can run and observe the issue on our side? If we are talking about Aspose.CAD for Cloud there is a limit for the request about 51 MB but anyway error 500 is not expected when the request has bigger size.

1.Maybe error 500 was caused by third party systems,not from Aspose.CAD itself,I can not see the code.
2.May I ask if 51M is the official description
Thack you very much.

Aspose.CAD for Cloud has the internal 51 MB limitation of the request body. But it is still unclear whether this relates to the error you observe, and what part and form of Aspose.CAD software you use. We need to reproduce the issue on our side to be able to find its reasons.