Aspose.CAD for Java conversion and presentation functions

A number of dwg drawings need to be extracted from some of the boxes to pdf or jpg format.

The floor plans of these box drawings are all proposed to pdf. can be achieved?

we have support for export DWG drawings to PDF and raster formats. If you need some operations to be done with DWG drawings it is not easy to answer precisely without looking into example of some file and more details.


Thank you for your reply.
I would like to present all of these boxes like the one in the red box to pdf微信图片_20230210094605.png (60.1 KB)

OK, so, if I understand you correctly, you need to export the part of the drawing into PDF. It depends on how these boxes are stored in the file, if it possible to identify and find them somehow. Please attach one of your files here, we will try to create code example for you.