Aspose cad run fail when package by spring boot

See attached, it works fine in eclipse, but not after packaging by spring boot.

I use the command ‘gradle build’ packaging the project, then get “parse-demo-1.0.0.jar” file in build/libs directory, when i run “java -jar parse-demo-1.0.0.jar”, the error occurred. (29.8 KB)

The attachment deleted the apsose.lic file.

Hello, we guess you need to specify the path to Aspose jar library also explicitly at run. You can also attach the screen showing us the error and how exactly you run the program, so we can try to reproduce the issue more precisely.

I solved this problem by spring build.gradle config:

tasks.named(“bootJar”) {
requiresUnpack ‘**/aspose-cad-*.jar’

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