ASPOSE cell nuget package need to restore after purchase



I am currently trying out ASpose cell hence downloaded 1 month free trial.
Wanted to understand if I use it via nuget now (free trail) what will be the consequences after my trial ends?

I am planning to buy so just wanted to understand, when I buy aspose after 1 month will the nuget reference still work or I will need to update my package then?



Do you have 30 days temporary license? If so, it will be expired after 30 days. You may not be able to use the APIs full fledged after your temporary license is expired. Once you purchase the license (and you set/update your licensing code to refer to newer license), you will be able to use the Aspose.Cells APIs (either from nuget or Downloads section, older or newer) without any issue.

FYI, when you purchase a license for the product, you are authorized to use the license file with any new (and upcoming (official versions)) versions or hot fixes of the component for the next whole year. Moreover, your license will never expire if you continue to use your license with the product’s version/hotfix that should be released before your subscription expiry date. You may open your license file (after purchasing it) into notepad (without modifying it, lease it will not work) and check your subscription expiry date for confirmation.

Hope, this helps a bit.


Thank you Amjad.

I have installed Aspose.cell from nuget. Now I want to buy the license. How should I update my nuget reference?

I have read through but it doesnt tell me how to update the licence for nuget.

Please advice.




Well, the Aspose.Cells APIs are same whether you install it from nuget or from Downloads section. So, you do not need to update your nuget reference for Aspose.Cells. The only thing you need to do (after purchasing the product and getting the license file) is to add/update your licensing code (to refer to your newer license) in your project, that’s it. Please note, if you do not use a valid license, Aspose APIs would work in evaluation mode. It always embeds evaluation watermark in the documents/images, etc. in evaluation mode. Also, you cannot use all the features and APIs in evaluation mode. The evaluation mode becomes professional when you set a valid license (before using any other APIs of the component) in your code/project. In professional mode, you won’t have any restrictions or you can avail all the features of Aspose.Cells.

Let us know if we can be of any further help.