Aspose.cell read imgs from excel not as their sort

aspose.cell read imgs from excel not as their sort. for example,img1,img2,img3 in excel is A1,A2,A3,when output their sort become img3,img1,img2,please fix it

Could you please zip and attach your Excel file and the source code? We will check your issue soon. (5.2 MB)
To upload file,I delected Aspose.Cells.dll.
please Aspose.Cells.dll in readexcelimgs\readexcelimgs\bin\Debug when test it


Thanks for the template Excel file.

I checked your Excel file a bit. I found pictures are inserted/updated differently and not in order. Please open your original XLSX file into MS Excel manually, click “Selection Pane…” option under Home|Find & Select menu command to view how those shapes are added/inserted. That might be the reason that images are retrieved/read differently than what you expect.