Aspose.cell version issue with Workbook method

Using Aspose.cell API version: 7.5.0

Attached is the two excel file with the same type of data and everything. One is working and another one is not working.

But when we upgraded the version and used 8.6.3, not_working.xlsx excel file is also working properly.

loadOptions = new LoadOptions(FileFormatType.XLSX);
Workbook wr = new Workbook(new FileInputStream(excelFile), loadOptions);
// This code is not able to open the not_working excel file but able to open a working.xlsx file.

Please extract this zip file and try to run the sample program. (214.8 KB)


Since you are using some older version of the product, so it might be an issue in older version. We recommend you to kindly try newer versions or try to upgrade to latest version (i.e., Aspose.Cells for Java v20.8). I have tested your scenario/ case using the latest version of the product and it works fine, I do not get any issue or exception.

I am afraid, there is no other alternative to your issue but to use/upgrade to newer/latest version. Please note, we cannot include fixes or enhancements in older versions. All the fixes and enhancements are based on latest APIs set only.

Hi Amjad,

Completely agree on your point and I tried the same this as well. My point as here is, both excel files are same but one is working and the other one is not. We are using this product since 2010 and we upgraded till 2013 and after that, we did not need to find any issue that recommended us to upgrade jars file. My only concern is why one is working and other one is not.


Alright, we will try to evaluate what’s wrong with the file which is hindering your older version to work with it. We will check and analyze the file in the next week and may get back to you with details (if possible). But this won’t help you. I mean you would still need to use newer versions if you need to work with that file.

Please note, over the years, we have made more enhancements and fixes to Aspose.Cells APIs for reading MS Excel files, so newer versions are more robust, efficient and feature rich. So, it is recommended to upgrade to newer APIs set.

Thanks for your help.

Surely will do it in future. But in current situation we can’t do it because it is happening only for one single excel file and working fine for others users. This code was tested with multiple use cases and we need make our excel compatibility with all flavors of Microsoft office.

In future when we do some major enhancement with our excel model than will upgrade our code with latest available version.

For “Not_Working.xlsx”, there is extra customXml part and in the file “customXml/item1.xml” there is CDATA which cannot be processed properly for old versions. To process such kind of template file with 7.5, you have to remove customXml part or remove the xml content of CDATA from the template file manually.