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Aspose.Cells(Aspose.Grid) comatibility with MVC

Hello, Aspose team!

I’m currently selecting the special control for web-based system. We need a control, which will act exactly like Excel on the web-page. Your Aspose.Cells seems to be perfect solution, but I have one question:
Is Aspose.Cell.GridWeb compatible with ASP.NET MVC pattern (in a good way) or Aspose.Cells is designed only for ASP.Net and its’ implementation in ASP.Net MVC is just a workaround?
So will it possible to build a solid system using Aspose.Cells +ASP.Net MVC, or there will be lots of troubles(comparing to straightforward ASP.Net approach)

Thank You in advance,


Please see the article on how to use Aspose.Total products (including Aspose.Cells for creating and manipulating Excel spreadsheets) on Asp.NET MVC for your reference. See the video tutorials especially:

Thank you.

Hi, Amjad,
I’m afraid you didn’t get my question.
You showed me the example, where we use Aspose.Cells to export from Web to Excel. We need Web control. Aspose.WebGrid is the right one.We need to show information in Web like in Excel. And we need this control to be MVC-compatible. Is Aspose.WebGrid is MVC-compatible or not?

Thank You,


Well, the MVC framework is rather like a model view or a controller. I am afraid, Aspose.Cells.GridWeb control or any other custom web .NET control is like a webform/container which has some differences as compared to MVC Framework, so it cannot be directly used on MVC. Moreover, in Aspose.Cells.GridWeb, we use “ViewState” in the code and Asp.Net MVC does not support “ViewState”.

Thank you.

Hi Amjad,

I tried integrating aspose grid web to some mvc sample projects, but the grid I get in the view is not Interactive. I’m guessing this has something to do with the ViewState you mentioned about.Can you please throw some more light on the “ViewState” issue, so that I can understant exaclty, what the problem is.

P.S: I’m a new developer. So please don’t mind if this thing is pretty basic :slight_smile: