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Dear Sir,

We are evaluating now Aspose.Cells trial (ver and already in
the process of procurement of Developer OEM Subscription license. Working on
solution which we have to deliver soon I discovered problem which I couldn’t
resolve. The source of the problem is that code shown below doesn’t work - cells
are not colored (always have white background). I tried even to use standard
colors (e.g. Color.Red) but it didn’t fix a problem. Also I tried to change
colors of cell border but again unsuccessfully. Maybe it happens because I used
Excel 2007 but processing files in previous versions.

I checked first my problem on Aspose forum but it didn’t
give me clear solution.

//Define Data Cell style

int dataStyleIndex =

Style dataStyle =

workSheet.Workbook.ChangePalette(Color.FromArgb(219, 229, 241), 55);
dataStyle.BackgroundColor = Color.FromArgb(219, 229, 241);
dataStyle.Pattern = BackgroundType.Solid;

workSheet.Cells[excelPos.rowIndex, excelPos.colIndex].Style = dataStyle;

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Vladimir Zemskov,
Technical Support Specialist
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Information Technology
Regional Office for Central Asia
United Nations Office on Drugs
and Crime

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Thank you for considering Aspose.

If you need to specify the pattern as “BackgroundType.Solid”, you need to specify the Style.ForegroundColor as Style.BackgroundColor will not be applied in that case. Please see the following documentation link for more details,

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