Aspose.Cells for .NET evaluation requirments

Hi Support,

I am interested in your product but I would need to understand if it really suits my needs
I would like to perform the following:

1. open an existing excel file as a template
2. change data in it (expecially data underlying charts)
3. save it to pdf report
4. all formatting, incluiding page setup, will be done on the template itself
5. which type of charts are currently included ?
.net c# vs 2010

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We think Aspose.Cells suits your needs well. Aspose.Cells is a spreadsheet management library used to create, manipulate, convert, render or print Excel file formats or other formats (e.g XLS, XLSX, XLSB, XLSM, ODS, Tab delimited, HTML, TIFF, SpreadsheetML, PDF etc.). It supports almost all the features that Ms Excel (97 - 2010) supports.

1) See the document on how to read existing Excel files for your reference.
2) See the documents in the section for your reference.
3) See the document/ article on Excel to PDF feature.
4 Sure you may do it, see the documents for your reference:

5) It supports all the standards and advanced chart types which Ms Excel supports, see the documents in the section for your further reference:

Thank you.

Many thanks for your reply. I made some tries but I found problem in handling stock chart.
If you take a look to the original file “Copy of WEEKLY COMMENT.xlsx” and the two converted ones “Workbook_Aspose.pdf” and “Workbook_Aspose.xls” you will find the graph is badly looking or incomplete.
Moreover, could you please give me hints on how programmatically create new stock chart objects or handling existing ones (change formatting and data behind) ?
Best regards & thanks


Thanks for the files.

I converted your template Excel file to PDF and found some differences regarding plot area, could you provide some screen shots to highlight the problematic areas comparing MS Excel print preview for the sheets Vs output PDF by Aspose.Cells, it will help us to look into your issue more precisely and we may log a ticket for it into our database.

Regarding your generated Excel file by Aspose.Cells, I am afraid, you have set/ changed the Chart Type of the existing chart to Line chart from Stock - openhighlowclose chart type, I am not sure how do manipulate the chart or change the source data for the chart in your codes, please use the Chart related APIs provided by Aspose.Cells accordingly, see the documents for your reference: