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Aspose.Cells for .NET Frame Client Profile V7.2.0.0

We currently have Aspose.Cells for .NET Frame Client Profile V7.2.0.0 on a server in Downey CA

We are migrating to a new environment in a KP national data center (Napa CA), servers and disk are ready. We need to install a copy of the exact same tool and version, to bring all software and data migration to the new environment 'as is'.

The version above was erleased 4/13/2012, more than 12 months ago so it is no longer available for download from the Aspose site.

Could we obtain a temporary license to accelerate our transition? Or use teh same version ifrom our curretn Downey environment?

Do we need to purchase anything?

Once we are live in the new envrionment, and stable, we will decommission the Downey environment.

We need this versino of the software immediate, to load into our KP CLoud environmetn to complie, test, etc. as part of our migration to our new environment in Napa.

Please advise?

Thx Connie Morgan


Kaiser Permanente


Well, you cannot download any version which is older than one year or so from Aspose’s Download module, it is our policy and we have to follow it after all. But, if you already have this older version with you, you may keep using it if you find it suitable. We can also recommend you to kindly upgrade to the latest versions of the product which e.g v7.5.0. In the latest versions of the product we have made tremendous enhancements and fixed other issues etc. You may also apply for 30 days temporary license before purchasing the new license for v7.5.0 or later versions, see the document and follow the instructions here:

Just for your information, when you purchase a license for a product, you are authorized to use this license file with any new ( and upcoming) versions / hot fixes of the component(s) for the next whole year. You can open your license file into notepad (without editing - If you do edit the license, it will not work anymore) and check the subscription expiry date for your knowledge. Moreover, your license will never expire if you use your license with any product’s version/hot fix that should be released before your subscription expiry date. So, probably you may try to download some later versions (v7.3.x or v7.4.x, etc. from the site) if your license/subscription allows this for your needs.

Let us know if I can be of any further help.