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Aspose.Cells for Python - no Aspose.Cells.Interop.InteropHelper

I installed the latest version of Aspose.cells and ran the regasm.exe aspose.cells.dll /codebase command. Trying to execute in python [workbook=win32com.client.Dispatch(“Aspose.Cells.Workbook”) ]works, but the [workbook.save(“C:\output.xlsx”)] errors - .save is not present. I tried ptr = win32com.client.Dispatch(“Aspose.Cells.Interop.InteropHelper”), but the Aspose.Cells.Interop.InteropHelper is invalid. Is it possible to run Cells from Python? I’m using Python 3.


Thanks for providing us sample code segment and details.

The error suggests that you are missing to register the interface Dll “Aspose.Cells.Interop.dll” (for Aspose.Cells), we don’t provide or manage this older Dll anymore now. Aspose.Cells.Interop.dll file exposed certain public classes along with an Interop Interface which was allowing users to access certain classes in Aspose.Cells.dll to some extent. This solution was not always reliable so we disregarded it and removed it.

Using Aspose.Cells for .NET (.NET component) in unmanaged code directly is always challenging and there might be certain issues occurred in cross platform communications. We recommend if you need to use certain Aspose.Cells features and APIs (classes, methods and properties, etc.) in Python, consider creating a wrapper assembly (using C# or any other .NET programming language (e.g VB.NET)), that will help to avoid using Aspose.Cells directly from unmanaged code. A good approach is to develop a .NET assembly that references Aspose.Cells and does all the work/tasks (you require) with it, and only exposes the minimal set of classes and methods to unmanaged code. Your application then should work just with your wrapper library (you need to register it). Reducing the number of classes and methods that you need to invoke via COM Interop could simplify your project, because using .NET classes via COM Interop often requires advanced skills.