Aspose.Cells from a VB 6.0 project (not VB .Net)

I have the following query.

Can we use Aspose.Cells from a VB 6.0 project (not VB .Net). If yes, how do you give the reference to the Dll.

Any help will be highly appreciated.

Thanks and Regards, M.Irfan.

Hi Irfan,

I think you can manually generate and register a type library (.tlb) file for the Aspose.Cells.dll assembly, use the Assembly Registration .NET tool (i.e., RegAsm.exe) with the /TLB switch. These type libraries (.tlb file) can be added reference in VB 6.0 project (e.g.., In you VB 6.0 project, On the Project menu, click References. In the Available References list or browse to select the related type(s), and then click OK.)

For further reference, please try to check the following links:

And if you want to use Aspose.Cells component on web project (Asp + vbscript), please check out documentation topic:

Hopefully it will help you to some extent.

Thank you.