Aspose.cells giving error for one of DATE formula in excel file

we are using Aspose.cells for watermark in our excel online viewer. We are facing one issue with the excel DATE formula
Description : The document is in Spanish language and extension is .xls
This is formula =+FECHA.MES(E28,12*D28) which means
= + DATE.MONTH (E28.12 * D28) in English the error looks like #NAME? in excel cell
image (6).png (76.6 KB)

Note: the issue is occurring only when I am enabling watermark, if the watermark is disabled then the error won’t come. and one more thing if doctype is .xlsx then the error won’t appear for both cases watermark enabled or disabled

Thank you!


We need your template file and sample code (runnable) to reproduce the issue on our end, so we could evaluate your issue on our end soon. Please do the needful and provide your resource data and code.