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we are evaluating Aspose.Cells Capabilities in order to use it within a project, but we have some questions regarding the products, we tried to search around forums and documentation on the site, but still we have some doubts.
Our concerns are primary related to the use of the Aspose.Cells.GridWeb Component since in our requirements we have a strong need for an advanced Excel User Experience for our spreadsheet web component; by looking at your demo and your documentation it is not clear if the webGrid can support the following features:
-Column Dragging like in Excel: this means that user is ablo to drag the value of a specific cell in order to populate adiacent cells (in Excel a user can edit a cell and than decide to drag it to the near cell in order to copy the original value to the destination cells or to populate a series of progressive value and so on…);
-Undo last actions;
-Hide columns and rows;
-Hide worksheets;
-Navigate through the cells of a webgrid component with the keyboard.
And a last question is related to file sizes: in the demo it is not possibile to upload file greather than 5 Mb, is is just like the demo has been configured or also if we’ll use this component in our deployment we will have this limitation?

Thank for your support


It is not supported. But you may try to use “Copy/Paste” to copy/paste cells values.

The feature is supported. You may use the undo icon/button on the GridWeb toolbar.

The features are supported.
For example, you may hide the first worksheet using the line of code:
Sample code:

GridWeb1.WorkSheets[0].Visible = false;

You may hide the column or row using the line of code. The following lines hide the second column and second row.



There is no limitation regarding file size. Aspose.Cells.GridWeb can load/read a file with any size.

Moreover, we recommend you to kindly see the docs for your further reference.

Also, you may evaluate the demos here.

Thanks for the quick reply I still like to have further details:
-About Dragging: ok we could try to implement a copy/paste alternative option, but for example could it also be managed the copy/paste of formulas with the autoreference option? (i.e. I have a formula in Cell C1 that sums the values of A1 and B1 if I drag the C1 in C2 Excel automatically adapt the formula in C2 in order to sum A2 and B2).
-It’s ok I got that is possible to hide columns and sheet through some code, but it is also possible to implement buttons on the GridWeb in order to let the user decide whether to hide columns, rows and sheets?



  1. You may copy/paste cells with formulas in code for your needs.

  2. You may add custom buttons to the GridWeb to perform your desired tasks. See the documents for your reference.
    Add or Remove Context Menu Items in GridWeb|Documentation
    Create Custom Command Buttons|Documentation