Aspose.Cells.GridWeb in Jira


How to use Aspose.Cells.GridWeb control in Jira?
I use Jira 5.2.8 version. What should I write in the pom.xml?

Thank you


Thanks for considering Aspose APIs.

There are two GridWeb for two platforms.

  • GridWeb for .NET
  • GridWeb for Java

It seems, your question is related to GridWeb for Java.

GridWeb for Java is a Servlet Component that could be used inside the Container Server Component. The Container Servlet Component can be another Servlet or JSP (Java Servlet Page).

Please first try the GridWeb Servlet in JSP standalone in Tomcat Server 9 (or other), so that you get an idea what are the benefits (or pros and cons) of the GridWeb for Java.

Please try this sample GridWeb for Java Sample JSP Project that renders Charts in GridWeb and refreshes them when you change its value.

FYI: Just unzip it and place them in webapps directory found inside the Tomcat installation directory.

Download Link:

Once, you run this project in Tomcat Server, you will see these screenshots. The second screenshot shows the effect of changing the values of the chart cells.

Sample Project Attachments in Parts. (2 MB) (2 MB) (1.8 MB)