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Aspose.Cells.Gridweb not showing


I have purchased Aspose.Slides and Aspose.Cells control in January developer small business licence,

Version of Aspose.Cells is

I can user Aspose.Cells but I can not use Aspose.Cells.Gridwebs Namespace in my project.

Kindly know how can I access this control in my website.

Thanks in advance.


Please check the below linked technical article on this topic. Hopefully, it will help you in resolving your issue.
Thank you


Please also note that Aspose.Cells.GridWeb namespace is found in separate DLL. So you need to add a reference to Aspose.Cells.GridWeb dll also in your project.

Please download the latest version of Aspose.Cells.GridWeb DLL from this link: Aspose.Cells.GridWeb v2.5.3.2005


Thanks for your quick response.

I have downloaded zip file from the provided link and implement it in my application but it is displaying Evaluation Copyright Warning in bottom of grid. I have license of aspose.cell and aspose.Slide control. Below is my implemented code.


<agw:Gridweb id=“GridWeb1” runat=“server” NoScroll=false Height=“360px”></agw:Gridweb>


Protected Sub Page_Load(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Me.Load

If (Not IsPostBack) Then

'set sheets selectedIndex to 0
GridWeb1.WebWorksheets.ActiveSheetIndex = 0
Dim licenseCell As Aspose.Cells.License = New Aspose.Cells.License

Dim licenseSlide As Aspose.Slides.License = New Aspose.Slides.License

End If
End Sub

Private Sub LoadData()
Dim fileName As String = Server.MapPath("~\List.xls")
End Sub

Please Help me out how to remove evaluation version from the grid control.

Thanks in Advance


Please go through our detailed Technical Article on this subject.

Also, follow these simple rules:
  • The license only needs to be set once per application domain.
  • You need to set the license before using any other Aspose.Cells classes.
  • When developing an ASP.NET application, you can call License.SetLicense from the Global.asax.cs (Global.asax.vb) file, in the Application_Start protected method. It is called once when the application starts.
  • Do not call License.SetLicense from within Page_Load methods since it means the license will be loaded every time a web page is loaded.