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Aspose.Cells Interopts (VBScript)

we have to implement Aspose.Cells to eliminate an server-side office application.
we already did an replacement for word, using Aspose.Words.
This application is running on classic ASP. (historical reasons)
For Aspose.Words, I was able to use: CreateObject(“Aspose.Words.ComHelper”). This worked fine for me.
Are there any similar samples for Aspose.Cells? I found some older topics, but all the givin links were not working.
Long story short: Are there any samples for VSScript (classic ASP) which implements Aspose.Cells?
Thx for support.


Thanks for your query.

Aspose.Cells can be used in classic ASP via COM Interoperability. But I think, to use any .NET component (e.g., Aspose.Cells APIs) directly in classic ASP via VBScript is a bit challenging if you are rendering or manipulating different Excel file formats at every level and you would always need advanced technical skills. There might be some issues to cope with and which might not be fixed all the time. So, we recommend you should create a wrapper assembly which should wrap Aspose.Cells and expose itself as a COM object (I guess you did this already for Aspose.Words API). Please check/research on internet how to create a .NET assembly which could expose itself as COM object. You can bundle and use all your desired features of Aspose.Cells to be exposed in your classic ASP. Then, you can create object of the wrapper library same way as you did for Aspose.Words (i.e., using “Aspose.Words.ComHelper”). Here, “Aspose.Words.ComHelper” looks to me a wrapper .NET assembly for Aspose.Words.

Besides this, we also recommend some users to use Aspose.Cells for Cloud (REST based APIs). Because these APIs can be used in any platform and languages for their needs.