Aspose.Cells: monthly units option for axis on save to XLSX or PDF handled incorrectly

The issue is observed on the following sample file: (11.8 KB)

In the original uploaded file the chart looks like: orig_xlsx.PNG (3.1 KB)

In produced PDF and XLSX files charts look like: pdf.PNG (4.4 KB) and xlsx.PNG (6.7 KB).

The code does only save:

        var wb = new Workbook(GetFullPath("book1.xlsx"));
        wb.Save(GetFullPath("result.xlsx"), SaveFormat.Xlsx);
        wb.Save(GetFullPath("result.pdf"), SaveFormat.Pdf);


Thanks for using Aspose APIs.

We were able to observe this issue and logged it in our database for investigation and for a fix. Once, the issue is resolved or we have some other news for you, we will update you asap.

This issue has been logged as

  • CELLSNET-45689 - Monthly units option for axis on save to XLSX or PDF handled incorrectly

Any ETA for the fix?


We are afraid there is no update for you at this moment regarding this issue. However, we have logged your comment in our database against this issue and requested the product team to provide some fix or ETA for this issue. Once there is some news for you, we will update you asap by posting in this topic.

Please update on the current status…



Please try our latest version/fix: Aspose.Cells for .NET v17.10.2.

We have fixed saving to XLSX issue(s). But saving to PDF issue is still no fixed yet. We are afraid, the issues cannot be fixed as the angle and major units of x-axis’s label are automatic. If you drag the chart and make the size of chart to changed in MS Excel, you will find the angle and count of x-axis’s labels are changed too. Now we cannot do well same as MS Excel.