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Aspose Cells Not Working with Visual Studio 2019


I can’t get Aspose Cells to work with Visual Studio 2019. As soon as I try to create a workbook I get an error saying the System.Drawing dll is missing. I tried to add a reference to that but it is not even an option anymore in the latest version of Visual Studio 2019. So I’m not sure what to do. Any ideas?

Thank you.

Thank you for your query.

I have tested your requirement in Windows/macOS with .NET Framework 4.7.2 and .NET Core 3.1 both. All the 4 projects run fine under latest version of Visual Studio 2019 in Windows and macOS. You can add reference to Aspose.Cells using NuGet Package Manager or by adding it manually using Add Reference option which is available in the latest version as well. I am attaching here the two solutions for Visual Studio 2019 in Windows and macOS both. Each solution contains two projects one for .NET Framework and other one for .NET Core. Please give them a try and share the feedback. For your ease, I have not cleaned the solutions so they contain all the required resources including Aspose.Cells and System.Drawing dlls. As you know that when we add reference using NuGet Package Manager, it automatically adds references to all the dependencies required by any module, so it is better to use NuGet Package Manager.

If still your issue is not resolved, please share your complete environment details along with the steps you perform to create a project and adding references.

Thank you, thank you! It works. I can see what I was doing wrong now because of your samples. Plus, since I was new to Visual Studio 2019 ( I was coming from a very old version, 2010) I did not realize how to select the console framework app correctly when I create the project. I was accidentally creating a Core app but I needed one with the old 3.5 net framework for my project.

Your sample helped me a lot to understand what I have to do. Very cool.

You are welcome and good to know that your issue is sorted out by the sample projects. Feel free to contact us at any time if you need further help or have some other issue or queries, we will be happy to assist you soon.