Aspose.Cells on Win64


Can the .Net version of Aspose.Cells run in a 64 bit application? Is it 100% managed code? Is it compiled with .Net 1.1 or .Net 2.0?

Thanks -- Craig


Hi Craig,

I don't have a 64 bit machine. But as I know, all 32 bit applications can run under 64 bit environment so I think Aspose.Cells will also work in 64 bit applications.

It's 100% manged code. For some features, Aspose.Cells calls a few win32 APIs.

It's built with .Net 1.0 and can work with .Net 1.1 and .Net 2.0.


Hi Laurence,

32 bit applications run fine on win64, however afaik, 64 bit applications can use only 64 bit components. I think Aspose.Cells would need to be compiled with .Net 2.0 in the "Any CPU" configuration in order for it to be able to run in a 64 bit application. Win32 APIs are supported in Win64 so the port might be quite straightforward.

This is an important issue for us, is 64 bit support in your development plans?




Hi Craig,

Because many of our users still use .Net 1.1, we will still build Aspose.Cells as before for public release.

For your issue, I can provide a special version which compiles Aspose.Cells with .Net 2.0 as you suggested. However, I don't have a 64bit machine with 64bit OS. I can only build it with .Net2.0 on my 32bit machine. Will it work for you? If yes, when will you need this version for 64bit?


Thanks that will meet our requirement. We will need it in April -- I'll be in touch!