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Aspose.Cells release schedule

We got an updated Aspose.Cells ( which fixes a critical issue we have.

When where there be an official release of Aspose.Cells (6.1?) It looks like you do them once per month? Can we expect something by the end of the week?

We would prefer to ship with the official relase as oppsed to the assembly you gave us for the quick fix.


Normally, we are scheduled to release our official version once per month, we might change this schedule for some odd reasons. We are scheduled to release the product in the third week of the month or so.

Moreover, you can use this hot fix (v6.0.0.2) for your production server for your requirements as long as you wish; it will behave like an official release, it contains full fledged features/functionality. It is an intermediate kind of version which is provided as a fix against some bugs or new features/enhancements. Normally, a bug fix version is posted in the support forums. Moreover, it is to be noted that our next official release would include all the functionality of the previous fixes (including this one too).

Thank you.