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Aspose.Cells SetLicense fails with version 7.1.1

I upgraded Aspose.Cells from version 6.0.0 to 7.1.1 with no code changes. When I call SetLicense the following exception is thrown. The only change I did was to replace the 6.0.0 dll with the 7.1.1 dll. How do I resolve this?

at System.Xml.NameTable.Add(String key)
at System.Xml.XmlElementList…ctor(XmlNode parent, String name)
at System.Xml.XmlElement.GetElementsByTagName(String name)
at ..(XmlElement param0, String param1)
at ..(XmlDocument param0)
at ..(Stream param0)
at Aspose.Cells.License.SetLicense(Stream stream)


Please make sure that your stream includes the Aspose.Cells’s license file. Also what is the complete error message or error description if you could write / paste here? Moreover, please make sure that your license is valid and should not be expired for using v7.1.1.

As a side note, when you purchase/obtain the license for any product e.g Aspose.Cells for .NET or any other product provided by Aspose, you are eligible to use new versions or bug fixes of the product that are released in the next whole year. The license would never be expired unless you use any version/fix of the product that will be released after your expiry date. So, check your subscription expiry date to know whether you can use latest versions or not (you may open your license file into notepad and check the expiry date), if new version e.g v7.1.1 was released after your expiry date, then you need to upgrade your subscription to use it.

Also, If your license is not expired or valid, I think you may set the license file’s path explicitly in your code to check if the problem still persists. If in any case, you still find the issue, kindly do create a sample application with your license fine and post us via email. Please follow the below mentioned steps to send us the file via email.

1: Click the Contact button in the Post.
2: In the drop down list options click "Send Amjad Sahi an Email”.
3: Zip your project, attach the attachment and send it.
4: Once you have done it, kindly confirm us on this thread.
Also, check:

Thank you.

My Total license was renewed 4/21/2011 so it should still be ok. The license works for Aspose.Words 11.0.0 but not for Aspose.Cells 7.1.1.

Where can I download the .lic file for my renewal? I want to make sure I am using the correct lic file.


If your license is renewed on April 21, 2011, it should work fine with v7.1.1.

As I requested earlier, please create a simple “hello world” project with your license file, zip it and post us via email to show the issue, we will check your issue soon.

Thank you.

I created a quick app. Everything worked fine so there is no value in sending it. I then changed the dll back to Aspose.Cells version 6.0.0 and everything in my application worked fine. So for some reason, the 7.1.1 in my application fails on SetLicense but does not for 6.0.0. I will try a few more things. If I can’t get it working I guess i have to stay with 6.0.0

I can only produce the problem in my application which is too large to send. Maybe is is a threading issue with 7.1.1.? 6.0.0 works fine. I also tried to call SetLicense(filename) using the file instead of an embedded resource file. That also failed.


You should call License.SetLicense from the Global.asax.cs (Global.asax.vb) file, in the Application_Start protected method.

Follow these simple rules:

· The license only needs to be set once per application domain.

· You need to set the license before using any other Aspose.Cells classes.

Calling License.SetLicense multiple times is not harmful, but simply wastes processor time.

If you are developing a Windows Forms or Console Application, call License.SetLicense in your startup code, before using Aspose.Cells classes.

When developing an ASP.NET application, you can call License.SetLicense from the Global.asax.cs (Global.asax.vb) file, in the Application_Start protected method. It is called once when the application starts. Do not call License.SetLicense from within Page_Load methods since it means the license will be loaded every time a web page is loaded.

If you are developing a class library, you can call License.SetLicense from a static constructor of your class that uses Aspose.Cells. The static constructor will execute before an instance of your class is created making sure Aspose.Cells license is properly set.

Are you sure something has not changed in SetLicense from your previous versions? This makes no sense. The SetLicense worked fine with the older Cells version but does not work with the newer version. All I did is upgrade to the newer dll.


Could you please drill down the problem? If the problem is replicable in larger application, then it will also be replicable in simpler application.

Please also note, you will have to set license before using any other Aspose.Cells Api.

I have also forwarded your question to our development team.