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Aspose.Cells using Eval copy - can't open existing Excel file

We are looking for a product that can open an Excel file and export data to specific cells. Currently, we have a VS 2005 VB web application that runs as a local website on an auditor's pc. There is one master copy of an Excel document. For each audit, the Excel document is opened, saved under a unique name and the contents of specific sheets and cells are updated with information from the application. This works fine for the current enviroment. But we want to MOVE the web application to a shared environment on a server where all the auditors can access the same applicition. The issue we have is that we can't open an Excel document on their c drive (not the server c drive) from the server and update it. I downloaded the eval copy, but don't see the code I need to include for the application to look at the client's machine (not the server). I did include the reference to aspose.cells. But the documentation indicates to use just an Open command which is what we use now. It can't find it on the server. We are looking to buy your product if it can do what we need.


Dawn Feldkamp

KS Dept of Education

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Thanks for considering Aspose.

Well, Workbook.Open() method requires the full path of your excel document or stream object which will hold the file. I think you may try to get / locate the file from respective drive using your own code using .Net apis or get the file into stream object before using Workbook.Open() method to load the file.

Thank you.