ASPOSE cloud cad live api with licence

How to use licence with aspose cloud live api ?
here is the link of live apis


Do you have a license for Aspose.CAD (an on-premise API/SDK) and want to use it with Aspose Cloud CAD REST APIs? If so, you cannot use your existing (on-premise) API license with cloud APIs. You need to purchase a separate subscription to use cloud APIs. If this is not the case, kindly let us know with details.

I have temporary licence for Aspose.CAD.Product.Family. I am using cloud live api( for conversion in node js app with app secret id and app secret key, So I want to use licence for this api.
what should be the right way to use licence with this api?


As I mentioned, you cannot use an on-premise license with cloud APIs/SDKs. Anyways, I am moving your thread to the respective forum, where one of our fellow team members from the Aspose Cloud team will assist you accordingly soon.

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