We would like to see aspose coming with a great conversion tool (as a component)as the title of the thread indicates, for us developers of enterprise applications to add document conversion functions.

Ideally it should have an input…select document (MS office, PDF, image file, text, emails, html, etc) from files, explorer, db, etc…then select output destination and format (MS office, PDF, image file formats, text, html, etc).

Output layout should retain at least 90% (100% for some formats) of the input layout. Of couse some document properties of the original format will be lost in the final output format just like converting a .doc to tiff but ultimately it should retain the layout as per the original source file.

I think a lot of developers will be very plase if Aspose can have such a product as many of us are looking into providing a document conversion tool to our application which in turn will add signicant value or difference to our application.



Dear Gary,

As discussed over MSN, we’re very interested in making Aspose.Convertor.

Unlike most existing solutions, we offer all the conversion tools via component, not application. Then you as a developer, can incorporate Aspose.Convertor into your products.

Since you’re very concerned with pricing, Aspose.Convertor should be royalty free.
Now I have begun recruiting a new development team to make Aspose.Convertor and I will keep you posted when I have made some progress.

Thank you to share your ideas with us and I also encourage other customers to post.


Thanks Ben for your efforts.


Just the product that we have been looking for ! - And even better if it’s royalty free…

I know it’s still very early to say, but do you have any estimate of
when you could have such a product ready ? - How quick are you
“normally” ? :wink:


Any news about this product ? anything will do… please.

I have been asked to convert lots of Word, Excel and PDFs to TIFF format (for archiving), and I would very much like to use a “converter tool” than to make a “printer-driver” application. So if I can get any indication then I can find out what solution I should go for.


Dear Kim,

Great to come back to check its availability.

In recent months, I spent much time in standardizing the recruitment procedures to make sure we can always get top teams to make new products.

Aspose.Converter is a really big product that will integrate all popular file formats. So it definitely deserves a great team to make it. I'm pushing my way to get such a team ASAP.

Stay tuned.


Thanks for the quick answer… I hope that the project leader (and customer) can wait for that :wink:

We look forward for the release :wink:



is there any news about this project? I'm looking for solution which can generate image previews from HTML pages and hope that Aspose.Convert would be able to help me.

Might be other Aspose products already can do this?




Hey there all,

I want to thank everyone who posted here and shared thoughts and ideas. We have had a lot of internal discussion regarding this potential product. Due to the structure of our business and the different areas it would affect we have concluded it is not best to pursue creating Aspose.Convertor. We do see where that file conversions are extremely important and we want to provide the best support available for it. In order to help accomodate this need we have made plans to create a conversion centric demo for our Aspose.Total suite. Aspose.Total is a component suite which includes all Aspose products. The proposed demo will provide detailed examples of how to convert between all of the popular file formats we support.

If there are other features you would like to see in the upcoming demo we encourage you to share them here so that they can be included.

Thank you all again for your feedback!



Could you add HTML Save Type to the Save() methods in Aspose solution? I know that Aspose.Words can save the document in HTML. But neither Aspose.Excel nor Aspose.Pdf have this feature.

Most of Aspose component include the Aspose.Pdf convertion, but there's no feature that could convert Aspose formats to Aspose.Words and then i could convert to HTML.

Thank you.



Hey Tom,

Thank you for the post and for the thoughts. That is a very good suggestion indeed. I am going to notify the corresponding teams and ask them to reply here with further thoughts and ideas. Please be sure to let me know if there is any other way that I can be of assistance and I will be more than glad to.


We have thought about supporting html format for a long time. However, we delay this feature for 2 reasons:

1. Generally html file is used to display Excel file on browser. We have made Aspose.Grid.Web which is much better to show Excel files than static html pages: .

2. To make this feature, we have to make some other important features first, for example, chart2image, etc.


Dear Tom,

Thank you for considering Aspose.

We have also planed to support saving to HTML in Aspose.Pdf. But we still need at least two months to finish this task.


Thank you all for your reply, and good work.

I think i would try to use Aspose.Pdf format with XSL to convert it to HTML.

But i don't know why VS.Net 2003 returns an error when i view the XML file in Aspose.Pdf format (created from Aspose.Words). I have set the XML NameSpace to Aspose.Pdf XML Schema, but it returns that "FloatList" type is not defined.


Which tool are you using to view the xml? If you are using the Visual Studio 2003 IDE, please try putting the xsd file into the path like “C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003\Common7\Packages\schemas\xml”.


I use Visual Studio 2003 IDE and i have followed your instruction, but the same error message occured. When i create a new XML file, the IntelliSense suggests the Aspose.Pdf tags. Even for the generated Aspose.Words file, but an error in the Data view from VS 2003 IDE.


I have found this error. We will try to resolve it soon.


As a workaround you can remove the targetNamespace attribute from the xsd. We might need more time to investigate this issue.


When i remove the targetNamespace attribute, the IntelliSense don't suggest anymore.

I'll be waiting for the release.



Dear Tom,

We modified the xsd to resolve the "FloatList" problem but now I get another problem which is announced as a bug by Microsoft. Please refer to;en-us;325695. It seems this bug has been fixed in VS2005 sp1 but I am afraid we can't resolve this problem in VS2003. As a workaround you can use other tool such as XmlSpy.