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Aspose documentation doesn't show the examples


Hello, all examples on the documentation are not shown (please see image).

image.png (30.9 KB)

Refreshing doesn’t help.


How to apply license on a test project?


These example codes are being fetched from this Gist and are correctly visible in articles (Documentation) on our end. It looks to be some network problem on your end.

Are you able to open the following links in web browser? Please provide screenshots of each of the following links when opened in your browser.



I can only access the second link

Below are the screenshots:

image.png (8.9 KB)

image.png (19.4 KB)

image.png (8.8 KB)




These three links work fine and are accessible on our end. Please check with your network administrator as to why these links are not accessible on your end. This access restriction is the reason you are not able to see code snippets in Aspose.Words documentation.