Aspose Editor IE 8 Problem- 2 registration required?

I have a problem in running Aspose.Editor on Internet Expolorer 8.
On IE7 & 6 Editor is working fine, know our client want Editor compatibility for IE8.
Iam able to run Aspose.Editor on IE 8, but Iam facing one problem here.
It require 2 registration as trunsted site[CASPOL.EXE]

  1. With it’s computer name i.e in my case abcsun25 url- htpp://abcsun25/* Fulltrust
  2. With it’s IP address. url-* Fulltrust.
    When I have these 2 entry then I am able to run EDITOR in all browser, but i want to get rid of computer name entry.
    Please find my web.config setting
<add key="Aspose.Editor.Client.ClassId" value="http://abcsun25/siraj-cms/ClientBin/Aspose.Editor.Client.dll#Aspose.Editor.Client.EditorControl"/>

I want to avoid computer name setting, but when I make follwoing changes in my web.config, EDITIOR is not working at all

<add key="Aspose.Editor.Client.ClassId" value=""/>

Please suggest what should I do to overcome these problem.
I don;t know, where Iam wrong please suggest, why it require two entry under full trust.
I DON’'T want to use computer name, I want to use IP address only in my web.config.
previously I was able to run by mentioning IP address in web.config for IE7.
Please suggest, What I need to do, to make it compatiable for IE 8.

Hello, Siraj.

Such problem may occur if you specify an incorrect IP address. Please check the IP address of the server from the client machine executing “nslookup abcsun25” in command line.

Thanks for the question.

Thanks for the reply,

As per your suggestion I confirmed the IP Address, it is CORRECT.

Moreover the same configuration is working fine for IE 6/7.

I think it is something with IE 8. Please suggest it is very urgent, as our client has updated their browser to IE 8 and know they are strugginging with editor.

Please suggest what could be the other reason for these kind of behaviour.



Please confirm, whether Aspose.Editor will work on Windows 7, since it comes with Internert Explorer 8. I raised the problem in the following thread,

Please respond it as it is very urgent, We can’t left our client in the MID OF THE SEA,
They have purchase the Total licence on our reference, plz let not us go down.
Let me re-elloborate my problem,
For Windows 7, more specifically for IE 8, it is reuired 2 FULLTRUST registration[CASPOL.EXE]

  1. One with it ;s computer name
  2. Secound with it’s IP Address

The same application with only IP registration was working perfect with IE 6/IE7.
plz find the ablove thread for more detail.


Thanks for your request. As we already mentioned in one of your other threads, we did not test Aspose.Editor on Windows 7 and IE8, so we cannot guaranty it will work in such environment.

Best regards.

Hi Alexey,

Thanks for the reply,

Can you please do a favour for me.

As I mentioned, I was able to run Aspose.Editor on Windows 7 with IE 8, by registrating it TWICE as FULLTRUST.

Can you suggest possiable reason and solution "BASED ON YOUR EXPERIENCE".

It will be very helpfull for me.




Thanks for your request and additional information. Unfortunately, we have no more idea why it does not work in IE8. Maybe you should consult with Microsoft support regarding this problem.

Best regards.


As per your suggestion, I posted in MS Forum, but no help from them.

I will very gratefull, if you spare some time for me and tell us the solution for Aspose.Editor on Windows 7 and IE 8.

Please do that favour. This will be the last inconvinence to you.

Please do that, as it is very serious and urgent for me.

Hope you will understand.




Thanks for your request. Please check also points suggested in the following thread:

Best regards.

Thanks for the reply.
Even that suggestion doesn’t work for me.
I have make sured that the Client Machine which is running Windows 7 & IE 8 has Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0.
I am not able to think other then this IP & ComputerName while requesting the page over the browser.
Editor render as OBJECT Tag. I find small difference, while refering them

<object id="EditorControl1" classid="http:/aspose2/Aspose.Editor.Client.dll#Aspose.Editor.Client.EditorControl" height="80%" width="100%">
 <param Name="LoadArgs" Value="License,0,,ServerUrl,56,aHR0cDovLzE5Mi4xNjguMi40Ni9hc3Bvc2UyL2RlZmF1bHQyLmFzcHg=,Cookies,60,QVNQLk5FVF9TZXNzaW9uSWQ9bmN5ZWo1MnRzY3k1b3hyZmp3cGV4YzU1OyA=">

b) http://infosun25/aspose2/default2.aspx

<object id="EditorControl1" classid="http:/aspose2/Aspose.Editor.Client.dll#Aspose.Editor.Client.EditorControl" height="80%" width="100%">
 <param Name="LoadArgs" Value="License,0,,ServerUrl,52,aHR0cDovL2luZm9zdW4yNS9hc3Bvc2UyL2RlZmF1bHQyLmFzcHg=,Cookies,60,QVNQLk5FVF9TZXNzaW9uSWQ9cHd5ZzJlNDVlNDNidXA1NWpnbm51bTQ1OyA=">

Is there is any meaning to 52 or 56 and ServerUrl, because when I am making a call using COMPUTER NAME(Infosun25) then Value will have 52 and when I refer same application using it’s IP then Value will have 56.
After configuring only http://infosun25/aspose2/default2.aspx working FINE but not

When Iam giving full permission to Corresponding Users Folder
C:\Users\Siraj—>Every One Permission
Iam getting some Javascript Error “ControlAxSourcingSite” Please see the attachment
Please suggest.


Can you please provide Aspose.Editor Demo URL.

I know Aspose has stopped the development of Aspose.Editor,

But our client is your OLD customer, know we need to provide them Editor Compatibility on Windows 7.

I want to make sure that YOUR ASPOSE DEMO will work or not on Windows 7

Please do the needfull help.



Hi Aspose.Editor Team,
I have posted again my problem with Editor on MSDN/Microsoft forum with my few observation.
Please find the content
Recently our Client has upgraded to Windows 7 and IE 8.
I have an ASP.Net Application which uses ASPOSE.EDITOR for editing word Document.
Aspose.Editor is a rich Word Editor which can be integrated with ASP.Net, I mean to say I can be open in BROWSER.

Actually It works like this

  1. Aspose.Editor for ASP.NET comes with 2 DLL’s (Aspose.Editor.Server.DLL & Aspose.Editor.Client.DLL)
  2. Aspose.Editor.Server.DLL will remain on the SERVER machine, but the Aspose.Editor.Client.DLL gets downloaded on each Client machine on TEMP location, In case of WINDOWS 7[When Windows 7 is a Client Machine] it gets downloaded in USERS<USERNAME>\AppData\Assesmblies… some inner folder.
  3. These Aspose.Editor.Client.DLL is a .Net Assembly, which gets executed in client machine, hence on client machine also we require DOT NET Framework.

Everything was working fine with WINDOWS XP & VISAT with IE 6 & IE7.

But know things are not working well on WINDOWS 7.

Actually my problem is: In my local/developement environment, Aspose.Editor is working even on Windows 7 with IE 8, but the same some when I deploy on rational IP, then Editor is not working on WINDOWS 7[Windows 7 is my Client Machine].

http://info25/cms/asposeeditor.aspx ----------------Working Fine

Same code when deploy on rational IP not working NOT WORKING

Even in my LOCAL/Development environment, when I am requestion my application with IP instead on COMPUTER NAME(info25) it is not working on Windows 7(Client). --------------NOT WORKING

I think there might be some security obstacle on WIN 7, which is not allowing to run EDITOR Control to run.

Aspose.Editor Control renders as OBJECT TAG, it’s complex control.

When requestion the same application with IP Address, Iam not able to run Editor. IP Address might be treated as malicious and not allowed access to Folders???

Please suggest"

Please Suggest your opnion as well

Hi Siraj,

Thanks for your requests. Since all these requests are related to the same problem. I merged these threads together.

  1. Regarding Aspose.Editor demo. As you already know, Aspose.Editor was discontinued, that is why its demos are no longer available on our site. However, all demos are included in Aspose.Editor installation package. You have it on your side, I suppose. So you can run Aspose.Editor demo on your side.

  2. Regarding problem with IP address. You mentioned that all works fine if you use computer name instead of IP address. Why is it so important for you to use IP address instead computer name? If it works with computer name, just use it. Unfortunately, I cannot suggest you anything else.

Best regards.