Aspose.Email issue on processing contact group file

I am experiencing an issue when trying to process contact group attachments in Outlook.

I have created a new email in Outlook and attached the contact group to the email to process the document.
image.png (5.6 KB)

Once my operation is completed, I save that file in the output stream using the code below.

message.Save(output, new EmlSaveOptions(MailMessageSaveType.EmlFormat)
    FileCompatibilityMode = FileCompatibilityMode.PreserveTnefAttachments

When this save operation is performed and I see Outlook email again, my contact group attachment will get corrupted.

It seems like there is an issue with Aspose.Email library. Could please check what is the issue here. I have attached sample code to help trace this issue.
AsposeEmailIssue.7z (8.7 KB)

Hello @VijayKansagara ,

Thank you for sharing your issue with us.
In your case, the original message contains an Outlook item attachment. By default, when saving to eml, attachments that are Outlook items will also be converted to eml format. To avoid this, use the PreserveEmbeddedMessageFormat property when loading:

var message = MailMessage.Load(sourceStream, new EmlLoadOptions {PreserveEmbeddedMessageFormat = true});

Please spare a minute to share your feedback with us.

Thank you @margarita.samodurova, after applying this change, it works!

@VijayKansagara ,

Thank you for the feedback. If you have any further questions or need assistance, feel free to contact us.