Aspose.Email.Tools.Verifications.EmailValidator doesn't exist in .NET Standard

We are migrating our packages from .NET Framework to .NET 5 (core) and as such has have to update our dependency on Aspose.Email from the .NET 4.x library to the .netstandard library.

After updating our projects we noticed a few discrepancies between the .NET and .netstandard packages. The only porting problem we have not been able to overcome is, what appears to be, the removal of the EmailValidator class from the Aspose.Email.Tools.Verifications namespace. Is this class located somewhere else in the .netstandard package? Or has it been removed completely?

Thanks for your time,

Welcome to our community! Thank you for the query. Unfortunately, I have not managed to reproduce the problem you described. I created a new project for .NET 5 and .NET Standard library and was able to create an EmailValidator instance. Please look at the next project: (1.7 KB).

I downloaded your sample and it does indeed exist in the latest version (21.6.0).
The version we are using is 20.9.1, as this was the latest version supported by our licence.

So I guess we will need to update our licence if we wish to continue to use the EmailValidator class.


As far as I know, the license for Aspose.Email does not depend on the library version. You can see an expiration date in your license file. If you have some difficulties with this, please contact with the sales team on Aspose.Purchase forum.