Aspose excel comment


Hi Laurence,

Does aspose excel support un-hide comment. We want to add automated comment into each sheet and it always shows rather than display a red color dot.

Thank you


This feature is not supported yet. I will check and implement it in the future release.


Thank you for the quick reply. Can you let me know when do u expect this functionality will be released?
thank you


I think it will be availabe in about two weeks.


Hi Laurence,

Just wondering if this function is available now?

Thank you


After investigating MS Excel, I found the option to display comments or just display the comment indicator depends on setting in your MS Excel. Please choose:

Tools->Options->View. In Comments section, select “Comment and Indicator”.


Hi Laurence,

I was looking for a solution for Excel automation that will enable the program to insert comments to an Excel template, make the comments always visible(unhide), and save it.

Aspose.Excel allows me to open an Excel file, insert comments and save it. But the comments will be hidden when user re-opens the sheet, even the template is set to “comment & indicator”.


I found what caused this problem. Please try the attached fix. Now you can use Comment.IsVisible property to show the comment.

int index = excel.Worksheets[0].Comments.Add("G8");
Comment comment = excel.Worksheets[0].Comments[index];
comment.Note = "abc";
comment.IsVisible = true;


Thank you :slight_smile: